about us


about me

This blog is cobbled together by a forty something female living in the South West of England, will a full time job trying to juggle a full time horse.

My pony passion has been with me ever since I can remember (barring an interlude in my late teens and early twenties, where parties, boys and more parties seemed more interesting).

It took 30 years before I finally had a pony to call my own.  All my childhood fantasies involved marrying an Arab Sheikh and managing his well stocked Arabian stud… So it should come as no surprise that my first horse was a beautiful, wild, grey Arab known as Paddy, but that whole experience warrants a blog all of its own.

I’ve ridden a number of horses over the years (some more desirable than others), but this is the first time that i’ve had both horse and the transport at the same time, and am able to compete. Acutely aware that my showjumping clock is ticking I decided that it was now or never.

I have not grown up with pony club, nor in a typically horsey household, and the world of competing and holding my nerve is a constant challenge. As with any sport I’ve had some amazing highs and quite devastating lows and i’m sure i’m not the only ‘hobby’ rider who has felt this way!

So what did I do when I had no horses? I rock climbed, ran, learnt to ride a motorbike and windsurfed (albeit rather poorly)! My spareroom is a graveyard dedicated to past hobbies.

I also love camping and attempting to surf.

about Jay

JayThis is Jay.  He likes plenty of attention, scratches, apples and a competent rider (three out of four ain’t bad!).  He is of much greater quality than the rider, but we’ve been together now for three and half years, and he’s slowly coming round to the idea.

He’s 13 this year, so it is not only my clock that is ticking.

He can be quirky, and like his owner is rather sensitive, but as my instructors tell me on a regular basis most, actually ALL of the problems I have with Jay are of my own making, and I accept this.


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